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ALPS 10-08-2006 12:54 PM

How do you winterize your garden?
This weekend we pulled up all the old plants and put them in the compost bin. We hoe'd down the built up rows that the plants were growing in so the soil was kinda level. Over this we spread out all the finished (and not quite so finished) compost we had. I spread out the rest of an old hay bale we had left over from mulching in the spring and covered this with with 3"-5" of the grass clipping and dropped leaves I bagged up with the mower. When the rest of the leaves fall,I'll mow/shread/bag themand dump them on top,too. The 6' canna lillies will be cut down and laid on to to keep them in place.

In the spring,we will simply pick out the canna stalks, rake the mulch out of our planting rows, turn in some compost down each row with a pitch fork and plant! Most of what was put down today will be gone by next May and we will need more mulch between the rows. No tilling needed!

ALPS 03-28-2007 10:39 PM

Finally the snow is gone and the garden has been looked over a bit. The soil looks good and black and the earth worms look plentiful. 2007 will only be the 5th year that this spot has been gardened. I'm happy with the way the soil has been improved from the original clay to the richer, blacker, more friable soil it is now.

Now for a half ton of well-rotted manure to spread over the rows 6 or 8 weeks before it's time to plant...

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