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pmh1221 07-31-2006 10:22 AM

How to repair refaced cabinet?
I had my cabinets refaced about 7 years ago with a laminate material. Now, on some areas, it has chipped off or is lifting off. Pretty ugly. Is there a way to repair this? I would guess a glue of some sort for the areas that are lifting and I'm also guessing there is no option but to replace the laminate where it has chipped off. These areas are on the frame of the cabinets and the lifting is happening on the door edges. Thanks in advance.

tooltime 08-17-2006 03:56 PM

Unless you can get that same formica/laminate... I don;t think it would be a worthwhile cause. Even if you could find the same pattern, the age difference might be pretty obvious when compared side to saide due ot different dyes used then and now (as an example) as well as possible UV fading (sunlight coming in through windows) etc.
If it was a wood veneer, the same pretty much applies, with staining and what-not.

Of course I could be incorrect, and there is an easy fix out there. If there is, I surely hope someone can post it :D

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