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bnew17 07-28-2010 02:21 PM

Insulating a shop with cinder block walls help
Alright let me first say i have never done any structure work to a house besides putting up vinyl siding…, that is why i am asking you all this to better inform me on the steps i should take. I recently bought a house 3 or 4 months ago with a detached garage that is pretty much my shop. It measures 20×30 with a half bath. The shop and the house was built new 4 years ago. The walls are made of cinder blocks. The previous owner did not have insulation put up. In fact there is nothing up just the walls and the rafters on the ceiling. My question is if i were to try and insulate this shop what are the steps i should take? I dotn want an insane amount of insulation just enough to keep it bearable during the summer and winter. (i live in Ga, its 110 today). Ive been doing some research and it seems like i would need to put Rigid foam insulation against the walls and then frame in the walls with 2×4’s and dry wall? And when i was watching a show on DIY the other night they put the rigid foam, framed in with 2×4’s and then put roll insulation between the studs, and then drywalled it in. Any help is appreciated. Bear with me!

Rodland 07-30-2010 07:36 PM

I would do just as the DIY show did. Insulate the ceiling as well.

BrianKiernan 08-09-2010 08:32 PM

Definately use the rigid. You can get it in large sheets and glue it to the wall. That would help to start. Also the rigid stands up to moisture better. If you wanted you could then put up 2 x 4's and sheetrock.

2" rigid foam will give you an R10 to R12.5 depending on the product you get you can also get it with a tounge and grove to lock together better.

Use kraft faced batts for the ceiling

Good Luck

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