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Our-1st-Home 04-18-2010 07:05 AM

Just Starting
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Well here is my very first post for our project!
I am sure that as we go along i will post questions in their right places, but my first question is rather general, so here we go.
We just bought our little piece of dirt. It's not much, and not liveable yet, but we hope to change that. Just a brief description, it's an acre and a half ( 4 city lots) corner parcil. Half of the property is wooded, and on the other half we have a block garage, a 3/2 single wide, and a 1/1 home. The entire property is overgrown and the homes are , well, in pretty rough shape. The trailer is of little concern to us right now, and will be used as a workshop until a new workshop can be built. The home is what we are going to start with, hopeing to actually live there at some point.
This place has been abandoned since 12/08 and the prior tenants left in a hurry I think, because most of their stuff is still there, lol, saves us a little $$ on buying plates and forks. I guess my 1st question is where to start?? The roof seems to be in decent shape, but we want to re-do the chimney, they took it down at the roof line. When standing in the basement, there seems to be a few places in the brick foundation that we need to fix as well. We were thinking that we should start by fixing the foundation 1st, then the outside, then the inside.. OH BOY, it's a lot of work, where to begin.

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