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BRIANL00 03-30-2014 08:18 AM

Kitchen Nook Bench Seat
How do I build side support for a bench seat in a breakfast nook? I want to build a bench seat in a breakfast nook in my kitchen but I do not want the seat to come out the full length of the side walls. I want the front edge of the seat to come mid-length of the side wall. The side walls are drywall and there is studding at both corners. The side walls are just over two feet, but I want the seat of the bench to be about 18 front to back. I need support in the walls for the frame of the bench seat. Is there a way to build support mid-length in the side wall without tearing into the drywall and studding? Thanks.

kok328 03-30-2014 02:33 PM

Cut your 2x4 or 2x2 to length and lag bolt it to the studs in the end walls, right overtop of the drywall.
If the front of the bench seat will be covered from floor to seat, then you could run some verticals off the floor for extra support.

guyod 03-30-2014 05:09 PM

There is many ways to frame a bench seat.. Here is a pretty easy design

Use furniture grade 3/4 plywood for sides attach a 2x4 every 24" oc. on top to support top. Just screw/nail through plywood and toe nail it into cleat against wall. Trim all edges with 1x3's for a finished look.(corners,top,bottom, against wall, 24"oc vertical would look good too) used 3/4 plywood for top too. if you want you can attach it with a piano hinge for storage.

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