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birken 02-16-2006 12:29 PM

Kitchen software
Is there any good software out there that you can setup a new kitchen layout?

james b 02-16-2006 04:25 PM

Yes ther is you can order it online thru it is what we use in our home gallery design center to let home buyer see what their future home will look like. You may also want to try lowe,s or home depot they sometime care a less expensive version of this software.

pqglen 02-16-2006 07:47 PM

Ikea has a free one that is easy to use. you dont have to use their cabinets if you dont want but they have most standard sizes

Daryl in Nanoose 02-18-2006 07:24 AM

I have been useing a program called Floorplan 3D from IMSI. Was not to hard to use.

milehigh_woodcrafter 04-03-2006 09:34 PM

autocad/autocam for the home cnc.

Kitchen Designer 04-12-2006 05:02 AM

Hi there. I have some brief info here on kitchen design software.

I like KitchenDraw the best. The first 30 hours are free and then you just buy additional hours when you need to.


Kitchen Designer 04-12-2006 05:04 AM


Originally Posted by milehigh_woodcrafter
autocad/autocam for the home cnc.

Hehehe.... Home CNC eh? Now that would be cool! ;)

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