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dkpbxman 02-03-2006 11:54 AM

Currently, my front door opens directly into my living room in the corner of the room. I'd like to build a 4' x 8' kneewall in the room just past the door and attached to the inside of the exterior wall to give me a small "mud" area as you walk into the house.

Couple of questions:

The house is on a concrete slab so would wedge anchors be enough to secure the "sill plate" of the new wall into the concrete and what would be the best way to ensure that the top of the far "unsupported" end stays steady? Afraid of it, over time, loosening up and moving whenever any horizontal load is put on it.:(
The wall could only be a max. of 3" wide because of other limitations.

Thanks for any help,


Square Eye 02-03-2006 06:49 PM

Go look at some fast-food joint furniture. Then go home and drill a 3"wide, 10" deep hole in the floor and set a square steel tube in the floor in about 10" of concrete. That's how Dairy Queens around here anchor thier table/chair combos. I've seen them tested to thier max by a couple of BIG-TIME ice cream lovers.

Tom in KY, keep it real and rock solid too.

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