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turfgrass 04-12-2006 12:09 PM

Lowe's garden center - MA - any luck?
I notice today that their stock is already flowering so early in the year. Has anyone had problem or know where the trees and plants originate from? Located in Massachusetts. Thanks.

woodworkingmenace 05-04-2006 09:45 AM

I dont know where the "trees" are originating from, but, I do know one thing...

When you get a "tree" from lowes or any other place, to wrap the tree top, in a burlap or plastic to protect them when you are transporting them from the store to home... I lost several trees that way, as they died when planted.

I commented to the Greenery I buy my trees from and they told me that they had a lot of complaints from others about this and started to wrap thier leaves in plastic and burlap, to protect them from the wind, while driving, (as a lot of people leave them hang out of trunks when driving down the road).

Now, dont know if this will help others, but, any trees I buy now, I make sure I do this as a protection...

Just my two cents for what its worth, and a wee bit extra for the collection plate...


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