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TheLadyBrooke 08-18-2012 04:44 PM

Major Remodel of 1916 House
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My husband and I are looking for our first non rental home and have always wanted to remodel a historic home in our small, southern Indiana town. We have found one that we believe is perfect for us but wow... it needs some love! It's just us and no kids so we think we can do it!

Our main concern is if the foundation and main structure of the home is good. If it is, we are flexible on everything else! Both of our fathers are trained well in construction and remodeling and are willing to help us with anything we need. We'd like to keep it as DIY as possible, for cost purposes.

Right off the bat we know it needs to be gutted as far as the walls go. The floors are amazing with the exception of the kitchen. The rest of the house has the original hardwood floors and they are PERFECT. No scratches, dents.... just needs a good refinishing. The kitchen however is rotted on one side from a previously busted water pipe, it looks like, and will need replaced. The walls are made of that hard plaster and needs taken out. Behind it is the slatwork. We want all that stripped out, use the opportunity to rewire everything that needs it, and then put in new insulation and drywall.

Many of the windows have been replaced, others all look good. Doors are good. There is no internal A/C and the heat is old.

The kitchen has a sink and a counter. There is a stove but it's just sitting there... not hooked up to anything. Poor guy. Until 8 years ago, this house was lived in. The woman who lived there was too old to take care of it anymore and she was moved to a small assisted-living apt and her family owns the home. They are selling it for what is left on the mortgage... which is only $23,000. None of them want it and with the way the market is now, they know nobody will get a loan for a home in this state.

What do you think?

nealtw 09-03-2012 09:06 PM

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I think it is a salt box.

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