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jlwelding 06-22-2009 02:43 AM

Mold or What
I am bearly holding on to my house it has just about ran me out. It has a funky smell I think is mold ,but cant see anything. It started in my daughters room about 2 months ago. And sence we have pulled everything out,carpet and pad. We painted the walls and floor with kilzs and nothing is helping. I began to think maybe it was sepetic so called a plummer friend and he found a few gray water lines that where not caped right and put pea traps and vents. This is a mobil home and I have pulled the insulation down under house and sprayed with a germ and mold killer and clorox, I mean I had it dripping off of the floor every where, and it is still getting stronger. I bought a window unit ac to try to dry the room out and it is about 65 degrees in there and it is still getting stronger. I have checked for leaks and fixed two real small leaks and cant see anything wet. I guess I will try pulling the sheet rock off the wall and see if there is something back there. I dont know what to do nexted I think I am just about ran out. I sent my daughter to live with her grandmother and the wife wont live so I am really in a bind here if you know someone here in Elgin T x aera please post a number. Thank you

slownsteady 06-22-2009 04:47 PM

Maybe it's not mold. dead animal in the wall? Could it be like one of those Katrina trailers with the formaldehyde(?) insulation? If you have gray water lines, have you checked your gray water storage tank? (or are you just talking about waste lines?)

A dehumidifier will take out excess moisture without chilling the place too much.

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