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WalterSobcheck 05-22-2006 07:33 PM

Moulding with rounded corners
So I've finished laying tiles in my kitchen and want to upgrade the millwork around the bottom of my cabinets going into my TV room. Thing is, I have rounded corners in my house, which greatly reduces the ease with which an amatuer like me can install it. So much for setting my miter saw at 45 degrees and calling it good. I know there are general guidelines out there for the angles with which to cut the stuff, but I don't want to waste any more moulding than I already have with mistakes and trial and error. Thanks for any help.:o

inspectorD 05-22-2006 08:37 PM

simple math
Set the saw at 22 and 1/2 degrees and you end up with a small piece in between the other long miters. Try it with some scrap wood and you will figure it out. Caulk the top or use colored filler if you have stained trim.:)

Daryl in Nanoose 05-23-2006 08:22 AM

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As inspectorD says. Here is a picd of what a crown looks like with that kind of corner.

asbestos 05-23-2006 11:59 PM

there is also a transition piece you can get. I just saw it in the All Wall catalog it goes from a radius corner to a square

inspectorD 05-24-2006 05:40 AM

Thank you Daryl,
that is an excellent picture showing what a rounded corner ends up looking like. See how formal it ends up looking. Now do a piece of baseboard installed upside down and make it a two piece crown.It is inexpensive and you already have everything set up.Just make a jig and mark the wall where the bottom of the base ends up. It really only takes a few hours more tops once you get a rhythm.:D

Daryl in Nanoose 05-24-2006 07:45 AM

Now do a piece of baseboard installed upside down and make it a two piece crown.
Interesting idea, by any chance would you have a pic to look at.

inspectorD 05-24-2006 07:19 PM

No pictures in my folders....Basically it just jumps the crown out another 3/4 inches. Put a piece of base upside down on the wall and adjust the base up or down until it looks good with the crown attached to the face of it. The crown then gets installed to the base...there is usually only 1 inch of the upsidedown base cap that shows. The base board gets nailed first and it makes a solid anchor to nail the crown to.:D

98happy 05-08-2008 06:03 PM

Okay so I understand how to do the cuts for the rounded corners wide is the bottom of that cut.

inspectorD 05-09-2008 05:32 AM

If I get what you are is usually an 1 1/4 inch piece. It all depends on the tape job and the radius of the corner. Test some cuts to figure it out first. Always buy extra crown.:)

Daryl in Nanoose 05-10-2008 08:06 AM

I have had the bottoms anywhere from 5/8- 3/4 depending on the mudding job and weather or not the corner is actually a 90 degree. As mentioned you need some test pieces and some patients.

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