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deltafraternity 10-22-2007 09:15 PM

Mounting a TV on the please..
I am mounting a 33lb Flat Panel TV to my wall. The mount is a fully functional swing arm mount that can hold any TV 23"-37" up to 60lbs. I don't have one of the screws that actually go into the wall. There are three total and they are lined up vertically with the middle screw offset from the center by maybe a half inch. Considering my TV is much smaller than the max that the mount can hold (half the max weight), do u think it would be alright to mount it just using the top and bottom screws, if just for a little while??
Also they are going into drywall and into a wooden stud.
Any help please....

you can email me the answer -

glennjanie 10-23-2007 09:24 AM

Hello Delta:
Yes, the two screws probably will hold the load if you get them centered in the stud. It woldn't be much of a problem or cost if you took one of the screws with you to the hardware store and bought the third one to match. It would need to be put in at a slight angle pointing it at the center of the stud.
The top screws are the ones that will bear the weight, so if you only use 2 you should put them in the top and middle hole.

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