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Steve1976 06-18-2009 08:54 AM

Need advice for laying laminate flooring in basement
I'm helping my in-laws lay underlayment and laminate flooring in their basement. I was wondering, since the underlayment will be sitting directly on a sealed concrete floor... Are any special precautions I should take with regards to potential moisture or mold?

handyguys 06-18-2009 09:13 AM

Well - Don't install it if you have moisture. Address moisture before you install the floor. Moisture will ruin the floor. Moisture leads to mold, control the moisture and you wont have issues with mold.

You can cure most moisture issues outside with grading, downspout extensions and so forth. A sump pump and french drain inside will help with under slab water caused by a high water table.

Steve1976 06-18-2009 01:28 PM

Thanks for the Advice
Thanks for the quick reply. The basement doesn't appear to have any moisture/leaks/mold problem areas. I just wanted to be safe and ask around before I begin the project.

Again, thanks for your input.

handyguys 06-18-2009 01:35 PM

Do a quick and simple test (its not 100% foolproof) that will give you a general idea.

Get some items from your government aproved emergency preparedness kit. You will want some duct tape and some plastic sheeting. Tape a 1 foot square piece to your floor. Leave it for a day or so. Take a look. If you have moisture under the plastic you have an issue. You could also use heavy aluminum foil.

Lastly - follow the manufacturers recommendations for install technique below grade. Some laminates are rated for it, some are not.

spaz2965 06-25-2009 07:18 PM

I would also put a moisture barrier on your underlayment for further protection and to prevent it from couping.

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