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ruben99a7 09-11-2008 09:25 AM

Need plumber & electrician
I have a friend in Bellevue who has just bought a great old craftsman house and is scheduled to move in a couple of weeks and needs several things done before she moves. Specifically she needs a plumber who specializes in replacing sewer lines and also an electrician. Does anyone here have any first-hand knowledge of anyone they can recommend? Thanks.

glennjanie 09-11-2008 02:37 PM

Welcome Ruben:
I don't know where in the USA, Bellvue is; although, it sounds like Chicago area.
I am a retired plumber and just want to pass along that there are some plumbers who can replace the sewer without digging up the yard, the landscaping and driveway. They use a cable, a sharp metal head that destroys the old pipe, and new flexible plastic pipe that comes in big rolls; so you get a one piece sewer line and no chance for roots getting in it. You may be able to find one of them in the Yellow Pages.
I would suspect the wiring in a home that old is outdated and insufficient; requiring a complete rewire from the pole to the receptacle. In this case I would get at least 3 bids and check their references.

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