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rando 05-22-2008 11:31 AM

new here. Glad I found you
Hey, nice place ya'll got. We've bought a house and the previous owners seemed to let the wheels fall off the wagon when they got to the bath/laundry area. Plus what the sellers billed as the 4th bedroom had no closet. So far, I have boxed in a closet, studded out a real bathroom (no sharing with the washing machine anymore), begun re-wiring, etc.

I'm googling some part of it nearly everyday, but learning a lot as I go. Have done a few things in the past, but this is my biggest project so far. And the POs didn't use standard construction techniques, so I'm having to repair, replace, redo a lot of what's already there.

I'm trying to get enough done to spend the weekend sheetrocking.

Is 1/2" yellow rock okay for ceiling in bath? Not sure the name brand, but it's at the local Lowe's. The ceilings have Luan and masonite paneling holding the cellulose in place. Have cut some access holes and added new fan, lights, outlets. The paneling is very saggy. I'm hoping with enough screws, the sheetrock will level that out.

I think that is my question of the day. Everything else is rolling along pretty well, for what it is. Due to the way the water tank closet is, the bath is not going to be the most beautiful, graceful room, but it will be functional. It's what we have to work with, so we're trying to make the most of it.

Oh yeah, is there a place I can get a good schematic of wiring for two light bars on a single switch in the middle of a circuit?


glennjanie 05-22-2008 08:37 PM

Welcome Randy:
Come on in and make yourself at home (no, that doesn't mean you have to take out the garbage).
I think you may want to use 5/8" sheetrock on the bath ceiling since it is already sagging. I would say the 1/2" is fine in an all new sutuation.
We have a host of professionals on here to answer your questions, like Speedy Petey for electrical questions.
Please let us know how you get along with the project and maybe include some pictures as you go.

rando 05-23-2008 06:11 AM

Thanks. I hope the Lowe's has 5/8. HAven't seen anything but 1/2, but haven't looked too hard yet either.

I'll have to find the camera. Ain't moving fun? I think it may still be at the old house.

I think I finished the wiring last night - everything seems to be working, so that's a good sign. Got a couple of 2 x 4 s to put back in place to keep the shower square. PO didn't do the best of jobs building it and w/o rebuilding everything, I got to make some concessions. Maybe next time we re-do it, we'll be able to afford to go a bit nicer.

Thanks again

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