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1stTimeDIY 12-28-2013 10:26 AM

Options for replacing french doors.
Okay, so we close on the house on friday!!!! Anyway the garage was finished off when the additions to the home were done. The previous owners put french doors in the front of the garage. I like french doors, I think they are very pretty but I don't like them as exterior doors on the front of a property, leading to a deck in back is fine. To me them being in the front just seems to be an advertisement to break in. The doors already have damage to the lock, either the previous home owners did damage while being evicted, or a break in attempt has been made. It seem the bank or previous owner had someone come in and install like master locks on the inside of the doors to prevent them from being opened.

The area we are in isn't a bad area by any means but crime can happen anywhere. Okay now that my explanation is done I need ideas. I want to remove the french doors, a glass slider would also bring up the whole open invite to enter issue I have. I'm almost thinking wooden double doors but I'm not entirely sure that would match the style of the exterior of the home. Then there is the possibility of framing the opening smaller and just installing a single front entry type door. Just wondering if anyone else may have any other ideas as to what we could do?

1stTimeDIY 12-28-2013 10:46 AM

Figured it may help if i added a photo of the home.. Sorry for the tree semi blocking the doors. This is a photo from the homes listing as anyone who read my intro knows I'm probably a bit off in the head and bough the house with out physically seeing or being in it first. ( I'm the master of risky/ poor decision making at times)

Sorry just noticed i totally posted this in the wrong section

nealtw 12-28-2013 02:42 PM

Depending on what you want to use that room for, I would perfer to see a window there and a single door added to the side or back if it is really needed.

1stTimeDIY 12-28-2013 04:10 PM

Honestly I don't even know what we would use the room for, It could be a 4th bedroom if we decide later down the road to have another child so enclosing it fully would be ideal for that. I also like the idea of it having a separate entrances for like a guest room situation. If my husband had things his way it would be stripped and turned back into a garage ( not happening )... there is also the VERY very slight possibility my mother in law may end up coming down later on to live with us. Im not a fan of that idea but things beyond her control may make it have to happen and if that is the case I want a door so she has her own private entrance. But i really kind of like the idea of closing it off from the outside all together except a window. I know they ran duct work for HVAC to it and insulated it finished it off the carpet looks great the windows are double pained but it will need a closet to be an actual bedroom.

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