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Carssson 06-17-2009 08:13 PM

Paint the brick or not? Redo walkway? ADVICE PLEASE!
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Hi! I would really appreciate some advice. I have provided a pic.
So here is what I am debating and have in mind:
To paint the brick or not? We recently painted the trim and gutters an off white... looks fresh. So, as for the brick, should I paint at all? And if so, what color? I was thinking a grey to go with the trim the way it is. All the houses are ranch style in our neighborhood, and our neighbor was the first to paint his house. They did a cream color with black shutters, with a slate walkway... they modernized it and it looks great. We shouldn't match there color though.

Beyond that, I want to dig out all the monkey grass. I would like to take out the azaleas and move them to the backyard. There is a walkway behind the azaleas, I am going to take that out. Basically I will have an entirely new slate to work with. I am going to curve a walkway from the driveway to the front entrance. If we keep the brick I am going to use a flagstone sandstone/clay variation stone. I am going mortar it to the concrete base leading up to the door, and then the walkway will be dry set... just gravel and sand.

We have a narrow driveway, so we need some stepping stones along the side (we have slate right now, which doesn't go with the brick).

So my main questions:
1. Paint? What color?

2. What color stone would you use if I did paint? My flagstone would be great with the brick, but should I look into slate or something for the walkway if I paint the brick. Would that be too much grey if I went with grey paint?

3. Should I make the walkway go along the entire driveway for when we get out of the car? Or just use the same color as the walkway and just have stepping stones along the driveway? (I know that would save material). Should I use a pea rock to go in between the stones? Or just gravel/sand

4. What plant them should I go with? Japanese maple, azaleas, ?

5. What would you do?!

Thanks a lot for your time, any opinion is appreciated.

Sorry the pic isn't the best.


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