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kok328 08-11-2010 12:56 PM

Polyethylene to Metal Adhesion
I'm looking for a means to bond/adhere a sheet of 1/2" thick high density polyehtylene to a steel metal surface.

The Poly is glass like smooth and the metal surface is enamel painted.
I can remove the paint if necessary and am seeking a non-mechanical means of sticking these to surfaces together.

To get a better idea, I have a flat surface metal shop cart that needs a sheet of plastic on the top substrate surface and don't want it sliding off when parts are placed onto it.

I really don't want to have to drill and tap from the bottom.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

CraigFL 08-12-2010 06:21 AM

If you've ever worked wih polyurethane spray foam insulation, you know it sticks to everything! A couple dabs of this or a polyurethane adhesive like Liquid Nails should do it.

Nestor_Kelebay 08-12-2010 10:36 PM

Goody! An easy one!

Phone around to the fabric shops in your area. They sell self adhesive Velcro hook and loop straping by the foot, yard or meter. The straps are self adhesive; you just peel off the backing paper and stick the Velcro on. It comes in white and black and in various widths. I was told that people use it for making clothes for pregnant women so that the clothes can be made to fit even though the body shape changes.

I just tried a piece of white 1 inch wide self adhesive Velcro hook strip on some polyethylene vapour barrier, and it has good initial tack, and also pulls off cleanly. I think that if it sticks to polyethylene vapour barrier, it would probably stick to HDPE.

However, if you end up having trouble getting the Velcro to stick well to the HDPE, keep in mind that the DuPont housewrap called "Tyvek" is made out of HDPE fibers. You should be able to use that red 2 inch wide Tyvek tape to stick well to the HDPE plastic, and then stick the Velcro to the red tape.

I've been told that people use Tyvek fabric to make tents, and they join the seams with double sided carpet tape because it both sticks well to Tyvek and is also flexible and waterproof. You could simply stick the HDPE plastic to your cart with double sided carpet tape.

kok328 08-13-2010 05:03 AM

I have some self adhesive velcro but, wondered about it's ability to stick to the HDPE.
I didn't bother to test it out and ended up drilling thru the 1/8" thick metal surface and into the HDPE short of all the way thru the HDPE. I then forced 1/4-20 pan head bolts into the HDPE to create threads (didn't have a thread tap on hand). Seems to be working for now but, on the next 6 carts I just might give it a try. My only other concern was that a mineral spirits type fluid is being used on the HDPE but, I fail to see how it will get between the steel surface and the HDPE but, I hate rework so I went with what I know.

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