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ChuckDiamond 05-29-2006 08:05 PM

Pool costs
I would really see some numbers of those who have underground pools put in. How much it cost and what you got would be great to know from several sources.

sicko 07-05-2006 05:25 AM

Well I have never bought a pool but I had worked for a pool builder. Its hard to give a price that would be suitable for what your wanting. First off there are several inground pool types Fiberglass, gunite w/ plaster, vinyl, ect. Also with the prices of fuel and plumbing supplies always fluctuating its kinda hard to say. Heck even the type of soil that you have in the yard plays a role. I know this post is old but other people read it as well. Call a pool builder and have them come out and look at the site to give you a proposal; some builders have package plan. If you find a builder make sure they are with the N.S.P.I.............. that way you can assure you are dealing with the best.


MD builder 04-22-2008 09:17 PM

Got one about to be started, small 12*24 foot vinyl liner pool with surrounding 5' deck plus medium size patio, all equipment + some swim jets with it's own pump. Little under 27K after sales tax. We priced slightly smaller fibreglass pools with much less concrete that were a little more expensive to a lot more expensive. Gunite is more still.

cibula11 04-24-2008 09:53 AM

Probably ranges from 20,000 on up depending on size and features.

Rustedbird 04-26-2008 02:20 PM

Don't forget fencing, kids, maintenance of pool.

LeeBee 07-14-2008 03:56 AM

We got our 18x36 inground vinyl pool for around $17,000. We purchased the pool "kit" (which included everything needed to install pool, pump, salt generator, creepy crawly, vacuum, skimmer net, diving board, ladder, walk out stairs, spill over spa). We had a freelance guy install it, which included the dig, 3 foot concrete deck plus a 20x30 patio. This was about 3 or 4 years ago. It may have taken a little bit longer than having a pool company do the entire thing, but not a lot longer - perhaps a week. I would highly recommend a salt water pool - far less maintenance and it's so much easier on bathing suits, skin, etc.

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