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eroz 03-15-2014 04:50 AM

Process in Building a garage
Hey folks,

I am looking into having a two car garage built but have no idea about the process. I recently called a contractor fot a free quote and he threw a general figure out over the phone and referred me to an architect who could draw up a plan.

What I was hoping is to have someone come out to my property so that I can give them a general idea of what I want and they can give me a general estimate. If the cost to build a garage is over my budget, I don't want to pay an architect for plans I may not end up using.

My question is what are the steps I need to take in this process?

Thanks - Ed

kok328 03-15-2014 06:17 AM

You don't need an architect for a 2 car garage. You can obtain building plans elsewhere for free.
decide on the type of build, site for the structure, pull a permit, excavate the ground, pour footings and a slab, then build your structure per the plans, have the final build inspected.
It appears the contractor you called has a pretty good idea of what it would cost and didn't feel he has to drive out to your place to tell you what he already told you over the phone. If your contracting out the build then call and get 3 quotes and use your judgment as to who you want to firm up an appointment with.

inspectorD 03-15-2014 07:03 AM

Before you do all that was suggested, I would go down to town hall and find out if there is any zoning ( if you even have zoning in your area) that will prohibit you from building where you are thinking. Some areas have setbacks from the property lines and from a septic system. (if you even have one of those)

I'm sure you will be fine, but those are things to check.
Darned Gov't...:(

Good luck.

kok328 03-15-2014 04:38 PM

and when you get back from city hall, you can think about what utilities you want in this garage (electrical - how much, water, gas, data wires, etc ....).

CallMeVilla 03-15-2014 06:54 PM

Here is another way to reduce the hassle ... Go to City Permitting and see if you can find a design you like which has been built recently. The owner might be willing to sell you his plans for cheap ... and knowing they have already been reviewed and approved will make the application process that much easier and faster.

There are online sites where you can buy pre-made plans for very little. However, state and local tweaks might be required to comply. Have never tried this but it does offer advantages. You could submit then have the City require changes which can be noted.

Good luck! How much of the work will YOU be doing (other than writing checks)?

eroz 03-16-2014 05:15 AM

Thanks for the advice everyone. I'm no DIY'R so I'll be only writing out the checks...the most painful part of the job!

InspectorD, my property abutts wetlands so yes, that may determine the placement of the build.

CMV, thanks for the plan links...I'm planning on a attached garage but noticed most of the plans are for stand alones.

Wuzzat? 03-16-2014 12:50 PM

You may need a firewall between the house and garage. Also check into garage kits.

"22x22 priced 17.9k and 24x24 for 18.9k including foundation , roof and vinyl siding. I also got a quote for a 16x24 with some upgraded features for 15.6k These are all unfinished interior stickbuilt roof no electric or plumbing. " but in 2010 prices on Long Island.

$37, $33, $41 per SF.

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