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ironhat 03-22-2008 12:02 PM

Radon abatement plan
It's time to vent the crawl space and have done the appropriate info gathering from the governmental sites and have a couple of questions that I don't find addressed in those sites (which I can't believe since they seem like pretty basic requirements for this).

I am to lay what essentially amounts to 'crusher run' rock on the floor first (I have seen several numbers listed so there must be a veeeery loose standard for aggregate sizing).

1) Is three inches about right?
2) Can I place the perf'ed pipe right on top and then drape with 6 mil poly or would a shallow trench be appropriate (suggested by my mason).
3) The site says that I can use a spray adhesive or 'tape' on the poy joints.
I don't have much confidence in a gapless joint joint using the sprays. So, that said, what would be a good tape? Silver ducting tape and clear, non-stranded packing tape has been suggested. Opinions welcome.

That's about it! TIA, folks.

radonguy 03-22-2008 10:02 PM

If you are covering a crawlspace for radon gas reduction you can skip the gravel and maybe the perforated pipe depending on the size of the space. We fasten 10mil cross weave poly to the foundation walls with power load nails through a strip of 1" wide 1/2" treated plywood. We then drape the excess poly over the plywood and use a urethane caulk to seal the top edge. For joining seams we over lap 6" and use urethane between the lap and duct tape the joint to hold everything in place until all is dry. If you are going to apply suction to the area a PVC tee is inserted through a cut in the plastic and attached to the vent pipe.

Hope this what you needed,

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