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pmarc 07-21-2011 02:14 PM

Re-attaching a sink
My sink attaches underneath, as opposed to having a lip which sits on top of counter. The sink detached, on its own - after 8 yrs. Originally they used brass inserts with a screw/wing nut/metal bracket to support the sink under counter - which is NOT Corian [I couldn't afford it then)], but is a slightly lower grade counter, which I see drills sort of like plastic.

I thought using larger inserts in the same holes would work but the insert's slot [for the screwdriver] breaks. Then I tested 2 inserts over night - put into enlarged, over-sized holes filled with Minwax Hi Perf 2-part wood filler. One insert failed. Original setup used 6 inserts. The sink is about 5 lbs.

Please comment on these ideas or offer better ones:

-Set it up with 4 inserts with filler which will stabilize the sink while I look and see if adding some wooden cleats can be done. I may be able to glue/screw wood -to-wood for the cleats.

-Set it up with 6-8 inserts with the filler and pray.

-Drill right thru the sink's lip and into pre-drilled holes in counter, using appropriate [which?] screws.

-As the sink had a layer of vinyl adhesive on its lip for water protection, I wonder if I could replace it with some kind of structural glue [which?]. This glue + 6 inserts might hold.
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nealtw 07-21-2011 05:40 PM

If a glue would have worked with your counter they would have used it and we already know screws and thing won't work either.
I would in put silicone on the flange and support the sink with a 2x4 front and back, Install a cleat on each side of the cupboard to support the 2x4s.

pmarc 07-25-2011 05:35 AM

Thanx, that's probably how I'll do it.

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