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tull4ever 11-16-2008 03:32 PM

Remodel and patio elevation question
My Question: Is there a standard method of protecting joist framework from topography where the terrains elevation is above the concrete stem wall; am I talking crazy, can it be reliably protected from rot? Should this be avoided at all cost? Does it pass code? CAD detail too, if available?

My Predicament: The house has a original footprint on a stem wall and 2 additions on concrete that step up internally 11 inches. This elevation difference is between pool and original footprint.

The plan is a complete removal of the additions and a rebuild on stem wall at the original homes elevation (despise concrete floors) hence removing internal step-up

Space is the issue; dropping the elevation of the patio to fall below the new construction stem wall and then back up to meet the pools elevation is almost 2', which would also include steps out of the house in an already extremely small patio footprint.

I appreciate; ideas, thoughts, Thanks in advance.

handyguys 11-25-2008 08:33 AM

Lower the pool 2'? Just kidding.

I am having a hard time picturing all of this. I like the idea of rebuilding the additions to match the main level. I wouldn't rebuild them just for that but if I was rebuilding then I would match them.

Anyway - It seems like you need an architect who also has landscape design experience. Its all going to come down to priorities and money. If money is no object then just have it re-done how you want.

Good luck, feel free to send some pictures and maybe I'll have better ideas.

tull4ever 11-25-2008 08:52 PM

First off, thanks for the input and time offered. Secondly, I have decided to do it right and take the patio down the 2’ stepping up with 2 themed landings to meet the pools elevation. That said, obviously, I had a hard time explaining my predicament! You’re correct in that pictures would help some, specifically to clarify the reason for the tear-down and rebuild.

They would show; the existing additions and garage footprint come within 2’ 6” of the pool which is also the main traffic route through the back-yard, and let’s add a very dated look. But they wouldn’t show; one of the additions is a converted garage where the 4” walls are seating on the typical garage 6” wide by 2” tall stem wall, the perimeter corners of the addition are some 2” out of level, and there’s more. It's a mess! Have some rebuild blues though, that being, a 55’ wide lot w/ a 12’ by 45’ pool and new construction 16’ side-yard set backs causes the limited patio area concerns.

Finally, I’m a do-it-yourselfer guy, what’s the fun in having someone else have all the fun. Also, I have three young men who need a little character building!

Will not forget pictures next time…

Thanks again handyguys,


handyguys 12-01-2008 12:19 PM

It sure does sound like fun. Keep me posted.

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