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juan_us2 12-20-2009 09:46 AM

Remodeling Kitchen/Bath - Where to Begin???
We just moved into a home and want to redo the master bath and kitchen. We were thinking of starting with the bath as that will be a smaller job and less complicated to figure out. We've never done major remodeling before and aren't sure how to begin. Do we call a general contractor? Or go to a specific kitchen/bath remodeling store? Do we start with a designer? We have some ideas of what we want but would be interested in seeing if they are possible or if there is something else we haven't thought of and how much it will cost. Where do we start??? TIA

frozenstar 12-22-2009 12:37 AM

My brother got his bathroom remodeled a few months ago. He's an architect that's why he doesn't have any problem with the design. He asked his contractor friend to help him out with the plumbing and drainage stuffs. That's where they started as I remember. Then he went to a store and brought the stuffs he needed for the design that he have in mind. Tiles, sink, shower, toilet, etc. Then they began the construction after they settled the plumbing, drainage and electrical wiring.

Just an idea. I am not an expert. But that's just based on my brother's project on his bathrooom.

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