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berbes 05-10-2011 06:44 PM

residing a poorly done much foundation should be showing?
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i'm a total newb with this type of job, so bear with me.

the garage is a good 25 yrs old, and there is a ton of water damage on the sheathing, as it sucked up water like a straw. the ground seems to be too close to where the 4X8 is attached to the bottom of the frame.

it appears that i have to move some dirt away from the foundation before i replace the i correct? if so, how much, and what's the best way to do it?

at this point, i'm planning on replacing the celotex with some menards 1/2" OSB, then wrapping in some house wrap before siding.

any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.

nealtw 05-10-2011 11:17 PM

You need about 8" of concrete showing and make sure you slope away and check gutters and down pipes. We just fixed one like this and the bottom plate was also very soft. We jacked up 8 ft at a time and cut of the bottom and slid in treated 4x6 and new sill on top of that. Started the sheeting above the 4x6 and covered it with vynel siding.

joecaption 05-22-2011 08:48 PM

That type of slab on grade is not even legal any more just because of this problum. Now you have to build a stem wall, ( a footing then rows of block to get it at least 8" above grade.)
Changing the Celutex to OSB will do no good unless you take some extra steps. It's best to have some one bend some coil stock so it sits at least 6" up the wall and a 1/2 bend at the bottom to help stop the wicking, Then a layer of Ice and water shield, then add 1 X 6 vinyl lumber all along the bottom of the wall. then Z moulding, a row of J moulding, and lastly the vinyl siding.
The vinyl lumber will prevent any water damage and keep the weed wacker from tearing up the siding.

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