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shoopoonk 02-17-2009 03:28 PM

Roof Vent Cap
Hello. Hope everyone is doing well.

I recently bought a home and I'm totally new to doing anything on my own around the house. I have a question about the cap on the heating/range vent on my roof.

Few days ago there was a strong wind on Northern Jersey and it blow off the cap that was covering (I guess not by a screw) one of the vent that is sticking out on the roof.

My question is if the cap is not placed back on the vent for another month would that cause a problem (like blowing up my house)? I'm afraid that rain/snow might fall in (the opening for the vent is point straight up at the sky) and cause a huge damange.

Another month because I called the gutter cleaning hoping that the guy can clean the gutter and place the cap back on if I slid him another 20 bucks but he was going to charge me double for cleaning the gutter during winter. He was going to charge me 100 bucks just to go up and put the cap back on without cleanign the gutter which I thought was pretty excessive. He also told me that the house is not going to blow up if the cap is not put back on for another month.

Is this true or should I cough up the money and get the cap back on as soon as possible?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciate it.

inspectorD 02-17-2009 08:17 PM

If your asking the question, you need piece of mind. Just gettin the job done will be one more thing you will not have to fix the problems it creates later on. Noone can tell you if it will create an issue or not. Ask the gutter guy if he will warrantee it for the 1 month he does not think it will happen in.:D
By the way...Welcome. :)

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