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ironhat 07-06-2010 02:49 PM

Rx for bathroom - Ideas??
Hi folks, I have a '70s rancher with the bathroom at the end of the hallway and the builder decided to plaster the room after the cast iron tub was installed. Well, I hope that he didn't pay for the plaster job because it doesn't look like the finish coat was ever applied. I've had to use wallpaper or faux wall treatments for the past thirty years since the scratch coat is so uneven and pitted. Now, to make a long story even longer, the tub color was a Harvest Gold which I had sprayed 14 years ago and then again 6 years ago to make a warranty recovery. At that time, the owner - operator of the tub refinisher stated that he would not spray it again, choosing to exercise the pro-rated refund clause of the contract. (Yes, yes, I,m getting to it [:-( )
So, the tub spalling again - ugh! I would like to use a bathfitters tub cover but, I said that should this ever happen again that I would do a refurb, (having installed a surround about 18 years ago, covering a wooden, double hung window over the tub !?!) because the towel racks work loose using all sorts of fasteners. On top of this I have recently been disabled and able to do little. I have run through all of the options including removal of the tub and removal and stripping the plaster. Which is the most affordable option which will do a good job? (Apologies for the length of this comment!!)

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