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phreaq 09-24-2007 08:54 AM

Silicone never cured, now what?

I am currently building a new shower in my house, and am on the last step of the job, and I ran into some issues (of course).

The shower room is completly tiled from floor to ceiling, and I built a small shower that you step into. The step is about 6" from the floor, and I have granite on the step, and 2 other pieces of granite that run from the step to the ceiling. To secure the granite to the wooden 2x4 frame I used GE Silicone II. I also ran a little bit of silicone where the granite and tiles meet.

Well, after 5 days the silicone has not cured. I checked GE's faq and it says if this happens to contact them for a refund. They do not explain why this would happen (aside from the silicone being expired, which mine is not). I guess I need to take the granite all down and scrape off the existing silicone, but I am not interested in using the GE product again.

Can someone recommend a brand I should use for this application?

Thanks in advance,

Has anyone seen my brain today? (^_^)

Kerrylib 09-24-2007 09:08 AM

I've used GE Silicone II and had it work fine.

Pretty much all silicone sealers are a 1 part material that cures by reacting with moisture in the air.

Sounds to me like you used the silicone to "glue" down the tiles. Then put a bead of silicone around the edge of the tile to seal it up.

My guess is that the bead you used to seal the gap actually did seal the gap and prevented any more air from reaching the uncured silicone.

Might try using a construction adhesive to hold the granite down, then use the silicone to seal just the seam between the tiles and granite.

phreaq 09-24-2007 09:16 AM

thanks for the quick reply.

I'm sure the GE brand is fine, it just wasn't a good 1st impression. The fact that they do reference the 'does not cure' on their website had me questioning them overall.

I used the silicone to "glue" the granite to the 2x4, and only put about a 6" bead of silicone on the edge of the tile, just to see the colour match. There is plenty of free air moving around to cure the silicone (there's about 38 linear feet around the granite, I only covered 6" so far).

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