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jdean 03-13-2013 12:36 PM

slate tile shower cleaning
My wife and I just purchased our first home and we are clueless with some of the stuff that we never had in our homes growing up. One is a slate tile shower. We need to strip and reseal the shower (I think) as it has not been done in about a year. Also, due to lack of knowledge on the whole thing, our grout has gotten rusty (I think). When i get home I can try and figure out how to post some pictures but until then does anyone have any advice on how to clean this thing up? It is slate from top to bottom, no bath tub, just a two person walk in shower. Thanks!

CallMeVilla 03-14-2013 03:14 PM

DO NOT USE C.L.R. -- Slate is porous stone and CLR will ruin it. Same with vinegar!

Your best option is a carefully diluted solution of Stne Tech (duPont)

Once you have cleaned the slate, I would seal the entire surface, not just the grout lines. One tile guy told me he would NEVER put slate in a shower ... Contact a local stone supplier to discuss this carefully. :D

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