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wick25 05-07-2007 06:18 PM

Small bath redo, walls question

We have stripped the wall tile, mortar, and wire mesh from the walls in the bathroom.

We are down to the studs, but have left the top half of the wall (concrete/mortar/whatever) intact.

Plan is to put about 4 foot beadboard on the bottom half.

So here is the question- what should go behind the beadboard? Should I put in vapor barrier drywall on the bottom half and blend it into the plaster? If so, is drywall mud good for this?

Or do top half of the walls need to come down?

Never worked with plaster before, so I don't know if it needs special care to go with dryall.

Thanks for the help, next thread will be the incredibly uneven floor (product of the house settling and then getting releveled about 15 years ago. About 4" of concrete under two layers of small tile... :eek:

glennjanie 05-08-2007 12:52 PM

Welcome Wick:
Yes you can use 6 mil plastic for the vapor barrier, top it with Moisture Resistant wallboard (usually has green paper on it), use fiberglass tape on the joints with the joint compound. I hope you cut the plaster in a clean straight line to make a good workable joint. You could use strips behind the wallboard to bring it out flush with the plaster if you want your beadboard to appear to be added to the wall. I would use glue behind the beadboard for extra security.

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