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TheMartins 09-25-2013 05:20 PM

A smell on a hot day.
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Good Evening.
Looking for a few opinions on a certain house matter.

My fiance and I bought a small older 1000sq ft house 2 years ago, I have attached a small picture of the shape of our house which is also the same shape of the main bedrooms on the second floor.

The main bedroom has tiny door on the side of the wall, and when you open it, it's not that big and has a few extra small backs of fiberglass insulation. There is another door on the opposite side of the room that when you open it, it's rather tall, goes back a decent amount and is fairy wide and the walls are made of wood. If I wanted to walk in it with a slouch in my posture, I probably could.

The past 2 summers I have noticed that during the hot summer days there is a smell that comes from this one particular space. The space with the aroma is the tall space with the wooden walls. We open the door to this space and it is always warm in the summer even when the A/C is on. It's also cooler in the winter when we open the door to this space.

During cool nights, and during the winter there was no notice of this and when the Center Air is on the smell is no longer as heavy and sometimes non-existent. I now anxiously await the cooler/cold days just so the smell goes away. This smell does not exist anywhere else. The other bedrooms, basement, and main floor. This is the only room with this and the only room with this wooden space area with a door.

I've always had a hard time explaining the smell, but if I had to, it's the smell of old musty wood.

Looking for opinions, answers, ideas... Anything you've got!

Thank you

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