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cluelessathome 11-28-2010 05:45 PM

Wall issues
I try to make this short... Bought a 37 yr old house over the summer. I tackled the living room for a new paint. I noticed lots of chipping - which with a scraper came off. Then I speckled and sanded. The problem is: TOO MANY SPACKLE spots now. So I tried to paint it but the light orange color I picked showed all the Spackle patches in the small area I tested. Then I went to Home Depot they gave me Killz Primer Stain Cover. I tried - too runny on the wall barely covers my Spackle spots. On the other wall (small area) I tried to use my ceiling paint - first coat. That shows the white spackle spots too. I wait for it to dry and see if I can paint it again. I might have to paint it over a few times with the ceiling paint before I can apply my two finishing coats. I wonder though if the spots can be fully covered? Why Home Depot did not give me a thicker primer to use? I am beginning to lose hope.... If you have any advise, please help. Thank you.

cluelessathome 12-02-2010 08:13 PM

well thank you for your response - yes I sanded - I sanded for weeks. I stopped the kilz - and got a BM premium primer tinted yellowish. It covered my spots with 3 coats. What I mean by that is my first coat is not really just one coat (too thin) but say - 2? And then a third coat once the firrst two dried. That resulted in good outcome ready for two coats of glidden paint (orange). I am still working on this as the living room is huge. Do you think this is the right course of action? I did spot prime - which may have helped but it DID need two coats (or three) however you say it - not just one (primer.) I am hopeful I am on the right track to a smooth finish. THANKS!

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