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CharlieMac 10-09-2005 12:20 PM

water damage deductable
I just found out the hard way that I have a $1,500 water damage deductable. I never knew til I made a claim. Is this common? I thought teh 500 dollar deductable was for whatever, I didnt know they could charge a different one for water damage, and they dont cover the plumbing bill, just the damage. does this soudn right or am I getter ripped of? is there limits to whatt they can make the deductable?

beverly 10-16-2005 10:17 PM

plumbing bill
I don't know about the 1500 dollar deductable, but I know when I had a pipe burst one winter that was under my kitchen, I collected for the damage but not for the plumber or the pipe. I think that's pretty standard. As for a different deductable for water damage, I never heard of that.

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