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homesweethome77 06-14-2009 01:55 PM

Water Leaking into Finished Basement
I have a finished basement that has a drop ceiling. There is a leak I'm not sure who to call to fix. There are water stains on two of my drop ceiling tiles. One of the leaking area/tiles is located at the corner of the ceiling where two outside walls meet. The other is in the bathroom ceiling. Both ceiling leaks are on the "outside wall" portion of the basement. I do not believe there are any bathroom leaks in the upstairs portion of the house. I suspect that this might be a siding issue (my whole house has siding) or an issue with the deck flashing. (The outside deck meets the siding on the outside) near where one of these leaks are. If someone could advise on who might be able to fix something like this I would appreciate it.

PortlandTradesmen 06-16-2009 01:30 AM

Your best bet is probably a Handyman or Remodeling Contractor who deals with small jobs. I would shy away from the chains. If you can get a recommendation that would be best. If there's a reputable remodeling contractor around you should ask them. They may not want to handle it themselves but they will probably have someone to recommend. For a Handyman a contractor can be a great source of business. They will most likely want to keep that relationship on good footing. This could can work to your benefit. Also I've found the skills of someone that calls themselves a Handyman can range from someone who knows about every aspect of a house and could probably build one for you, to someone who has some tools and got tired of their day job. So some pre screening is definitely nice.

Good luck

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