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fairypiranha 12-26-2011 07:12 PM

What to Do When Your Missing a Piece?

This is my first post here, and I seem to have a debacle on my hands. A few months ago I purchased the MALM queen size bed, along with the two hanging bedside tables

Seen here

Anyways I built both and got them installed on the side of the bed, which was a feat within it's self, only to discover that the right side one was missing the back piece of the drawer. So my question, is what would you do? I'm afraid at this point taking it back is impossible as its kinda nailed into the side of my bed, but obviously I'd like to have a drawer. It's made up of 5 pieces normally which consist of the front which you can see in the picture, the two sides which are thing, the bottom, and the back. The bottom won't go on unless the back is there.

Thanks in advance!
Have a wonderful day,

JoeD 12-26-2011 09:05 PM

Start with a call to the store or manufacturer. They may send you the missing piece no charge. After that I would fabricate the missing piece myself. If it is exactly the same as the right side perhaps using the right side as a sample someone could duplicate it for you if you don't have the tools or skills.

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