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joseph 04-07-2006 11:35 PM

What do you think about my house? 1 - 10 Ratings

I have recently started a web site called to let people rate homes in Canada and USA (geographically) and can also submit their homes for ratings - owners, designers, real estate agents, etc. can participate. One of a kind website...
It's All for free too!

This is a great way for people who spend time on design and decor to show the world their creativity as well as get ideas from others!

If you are interested check it out...

1) Go to and start rating homes

2) Submit your own for evaluation - takes 2 minutes to sign up and get approved

If you find any bugs or suggest improvements to the system PLEASE e-mail me at


asbestos 04-28-2006 07:19 AM

I am not sure why I would want my house on there. I would just go through it to find the ugly-*** houses. The chance to rain on some of these 'grand entryway' houses would be excelent

woodworkingmenace 05-04-2006 10:23 AM

Hmmmm I'm like my buddy would say...

I can take a house and with in a month, make it look like "white trash" in any neighborhood I move into ROTFLOL!!

(Yea, I got me a pickem up truck, not on blocks yet;) Got a 27 foot RV sittin down the road an my brother in laws house...couple of cars around too..).

Just run down the neighbors house by lookin at mine, eh? Wife is from West Virginia, where the entire State only has seventeen last names in it, and I'm an honarary hoopie...sorta like guilt by association dontcha know ;) :)

Actually, if I lived in a Mansion, I wouldnt want it posted on a web site... Too many rascals that do wicked things on there and its bad enough for the spammers, let alone if they know what you live in to bother you...

But, thats just my personal opinion....

Just my two cents for what its worth, and a wee bit extra for the collection plate...


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