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charlesmanny1 11-23-2009 11:49 AM

Where to buy/find builder for partition wall and door asap
Dear members,

Great website and my first post.

I would like to partition my dining room area as soon as possible. So i am looking for place in Manchester where i can phone a builder or buy and do it myself if not too much work.

Thank you for youe assistance.


kok328 11-24-2009 07:50 AM

Take some measurements, create a materials list and go for it.
If you provide a little more detail, we can probably provide you everything but the labor.
Heck, if I lived near Manchester, we'd provide that too.

travelover 11-24-2009 08:53 AM

My advice - ASAP are dangerous letters. Carefully plan it, double check the plan, then follow the plan.

brs 11-24-2009 07:28 PM

if you need help
If you don't want to build it yourself, you can find someone reputable through your local home builder's association. Plenty of experienced (and insured) people around looking for work now at decent rates because of the housing crash. My husband is a framer. Good luck.

Launchpad 11-26-2009 08:26 PM

If you got the time and a few basic tools, you'll save quite a bit if you do it yourself.

Most decent lumber/ hardware stores will help you out with a material list. Get a good idea of what you want (Drywall, paneling- whatever) and your measurments- Length, Height and width of the wall.

What kind of stuff do you want on the wall? Outlets, cable, speaker wires, etc.... Right now is the time to put that stuff in.

And if your wife is anything like mine- send her out of state for the weekend. Nothing kills my confidence like having my wife stand right there gasping whilst I fasten a wall to the floor and ceiling.

If you go the contractor route- Ask down at the lumber yard. They tend to have the inside scoop on who is reputable and does decent work.

Good luck!

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