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erndog 06-11-2008 09:47 AM

will the tree die?
Hi I am putting in a retaining wall in my front yard(see reDtaining wall in outside masonary for pic) and will want to bury the base of a maple tree in about 3 ft of dirt. I have been told this will kill the tree. Is this true? The trunk is about 2.5 feet in diameter and probably 8 to 10 yrs old. Thanks Brian

Blue Jay 06-11-2008 07:17 PM

Yes it will kill it. Just piling the dirt up about 3" will hamper it's groth, much more than that will kill the tree.

erndog 06-12-2008 07:21 AM

Okay I guess I will have to re plan the wall so the tree wont get buried. I'm glad I found this out before I killed the tree

handyguys 06-16-2008 11:42 AM

30" in 8-10 years? OK. Seems for that age it wouldn't be quite that large.

Can you build around it? No cheap enough way to move it. Maybe you can design around it.

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