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dfphoto 10-09-2013 01:54 AM

wonderboard corners not in tub surround
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Hi I hired my buddy who is a union framer/drywall person he has over 20 years exp but he screwed wonderboard in my shower rebuild and I'm looking at the corners and not too pleased. Wondering if anyone can tell me if I need to replace or will thinset fix this issue.

I also wondered if I can take my 4.5" angle grinder with diamond blade to cut the corner straight and then fill with fiberglass tape and some kind of a filler.

Drywallinfo 10-09-2013 06:58 AM

Hard to tell from the photos how bad this is. I assume you are putting tile over the top. The best thing you could do is find an experienced tile installer to take a look at it. Thinset and maybe a grinder may be able to fix this up, but only an experienced tile installer could tell you for sure. If you have waves in the substrate, you will have waves in your finished tile. I have done a few tile jobs in my home and know that tiling over a ridge is bad news.

From the looks of it, I would not let this person in my house to do any more work, 20 years or not. If it needs to be rebuilt, do it yourself or hire a different person.

nealtw 10-09-2013 07:19 AM

He should have made sure the wall studs were straight and plumb before hanging the board and the one peice looks like it is in front of the tub flange and it should be above it. I think were it is not straight it should be removed carefully cleaned up and reinstalled. Fill the corners with thinset.

PangioneDevelopers 10-19-2013 02:09 PM


Trying to view but its not clear from pictures
Are you stating that your outside corner isn't straight?
I don't see any corner bead
You need to install if it is an outside corner
Also where the rock board meets the tub flange, it is best to stop the board atop the tub flange. The rock is slightly thicker than the flange. Then when the tile is installed, it runs down to the tub.

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