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ScottCh 12-06-2009 06:13 PM

Wrong Size Cabinet Pulls - Can Someone Help?
Hi Folks,

I'm trying to update our kitchen, including refinishing our wooden cabinets. It was all built in 1987 and looks run down. I also tried to replace the cabinet pulls, but I can't find anything like them in the same size.

Here's what they look like:

As you can see, these cabinet pulls are 2.5" from center to center. Nearly all of the replacement cabinet pulls I've seen are 3" or 76 mm. I found a few cabinet pulls at online stores that are 64 mm, but they don't even look close to the ones we have.

I need a total of 26 matching pulls for this job.

I tried polishing one of them, but the antique brass finish is nearly worn off. The remaining finish looks like old pot metal - not very good, whether shiny or dull!

I've looked in all of the cabinets to see if I can find a brand name. The only one that has a brand is a corner turnstile cabinet that has a placard inside for "Amerock revolving door hardware". I checked with Amerock, and they don't have any 2.5" pulls like these now.

Has anyone else found a good solution for this problem? I've tried a number of local stores, and they all seem disbelieving that there are pulls that aren't 3 inches center to center. I'm willing to bet our whole neighborhood has these - Pulte built about 200 homes in this area when they made ours. I'm thinking they must have been fairly common back then.

Thanks for any pointers,

Scott C.

Scott C. in Cary, NC USA

SendEveryone 12-14-2009 02:50 PM

I see two simple solutions that would look fairly nice - use two single new pulls - one for each hole.


Just cover the existing 2 1/2" holes with a 3" decorative backplate and use with new 3" pulls. A backplate is a decorative plate that lays flat against the drawer or door panel and will cover any existing holes. You can find these at any Home supply store.

Last - Google this text:

2.5" center to center drawer pulls

I found 3 sites right might find others
I found this one, second on a Google searchwith the text above, to have several nice pulls for doors and drawers:
2.5 Inch Drawer Pulls & 2.5" Handles | Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Good Luck

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