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Nestor_Kelebay 03-04-2010 11:01 AM

Ziggy Q's College of Knowledge
Information worth knowing entry #1:

Tired of trying to find a decent rubber glove?

Typically, the rubber gloves sold in grocery stores look like this:

These are easy to get on and off, but they're loose fitting so they don't allow the same tactile "feel" that latex gloves allow.

Latex gloves can be bought in any medical supply or industrial safety store. They're typically coated on the inside with talcum powder to make them easier to get on. The problem is, once that talcum powder coating is dissolved by sweat from your hands, it can be a real fight to get latex gloves on and off. Struggling to get a latex glove on properly is a nuisance, and half the time you avoid that by just putting on a new glove. Latex gloves look like this:

Surely there's a better way...

Most people probably aren't aware of it, but there is a third kind of glove on the market that's available in every medical supply store, and those are VINYL gloves.

Vinyl gloves aren't quite as stretchy as latex, so they typically don't fit your hand quite as snugly as latex gloves can be made to. But, they're more stretchy than grocery store rubber gloves, so if you buy vinyl gloves a little smaller than you need, then they can fit just as snug as latex gloves.

The big advantage of vinyl gloves is that they're thin and comfortable to wear like latex gloves, but they're much easier to put on and take off. They don't have talcum powder on the inside because they don't need it. They come in small, medium, large and extra large, and double extra large (I think). It's easy to recognize a vinyl gloves because they're much more transparent than latex gloves. You can, for example, read your watch through the sleeve of a vinyl glove. Vinyl gloves are about the same price as latex gloves, and they can be purchased at any medical supply store listed in your Yellow pages phone directory.

I've used all three kinds of gloves for painting and staining, applying acids and strong alkali's like oven cleaner, and for just plain dirty work. I like vinyl gloves the most. They feel as comfortable on your hand as a latex glove, and give you the same tactile "feel" as a latex glove, but they're more durable so they tend to last longer and you don't have to fight to get them on like latex gloves.

granite-girl 03-04-2010 11:40 AM

good to know.... thanks

Cork-Guy 03-04-2010 11:48 AM

Hmmmmm, with all this talk about gloves I was waiting for a punchline! :D

TxBuilder 03-04-2010 11:56 AM

Good write up. I have to use vinyl because I break out in latex.

Nestor_Kelebay 03-04-2010 01:35 PM

I posted that because I figured there were probably people that weren't aware of vinyl gloves, and were still struggling with the other two kinds of gloves like I was until a few years ago.

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