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dthornton 08-15-2012 12:43 AM

Thank you
Villa, Neal, Old Dog, Bob (and others) who regularly post .... I just wanted to give a big "THANK YOU" to you guys for your advice.:clap: Out of financial necessity, we bought a 120 year old house (Fannie Mae owned - "cheap") and are renovating it ourselves. I've found that youtube has a video showing how to do most anything you want to do to a house; between that, books, the guys at Home Depot, and the shows on DIY and TLC (I love "Holmes on Homes" ... I've learned a lot of "what NOT to do" from that show), I'm able to do MOST of the work myself. You've really helped me out with a few things that I haven't been able to look up an answer to, and I wanted you to know that I really appreciate it! On a side note, I can honestly say that I have a GREAT appreciation for the guys that sheetrock for a living. They don't EVER have to worry about any competition from me! How do they get those seams so perfect? A pro gets them to where you can't tell where two pieces of rock join; I mud and sand, mud and sand, mud and sand, and you can STILL see my seams. What's the trick to perfect sheetrock??? :confused:

nealtw 08-29-2012 11:15 PM

For everyone you mentioned here let me say Your Welcome.
I have watched the drywall fillers and am always amaized at the ease of getting it done. I know the basics and sorta get it done, but some of these guys are something else.
One outfit around here breaks down the job so they have two people crews, hangers, beaders, tapers, fillers , finnishers and sanders. I asked a beader how he does when he does the whole job. He said " don,t know never tried". These guys don't do each others jobs and we try to do them all.

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