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inspectorD 08-07-2006 01:06 PM

Other DIY reading you do?
Another magazine I subscribe to which has some cool ideas is Backwoods home magazine.
It is like Mother USED to be, without all that advertizing inside.

I like it for the home town feel you get and a lot of practical tips. Like steppin back in time sometimes. ,I get their monthly newsletter also.

I ordered the whole case prices go up.

Just stay off their gets nasty.

I try not to recommend to many places, this one is worth it if you want this type of information.:)

inspectorD 10-26-2008 07:21 PM

Interesting cabin site
These folks are off grid. The cabin is pretty cool, plus they documented everything so you too can possibly do this yourself.
Mabey a getaway cabin?
It's worth checking it out, I looked for hrs.:D

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