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shifterson 03-05-2009 05:02 PM

insulating a 2nd floor overhang

I was hoping someone here could help with a suggestion on how to deal with this issue.

About 4 feet of two of my second floor bedrooms overhangs our front patio. Both these rooms are freezing. I'm about to lay new hardwood and figured while I have the subfloor exposed I might as well lift up some of that plywood and insulate this section of the floor. Standing under those rooms on the patio I can see a vent on either side of the house. Not coming out of the side but straight down. I'm not sure why they are there or what purpose they serve or if they'll cause a proble once I insulate.

Can I insulate this floor from above and is there anything to take into account given these vents are there? I REALLY don't want to go in through the bottom/outside. The house is 25 years old...not sure why they didn't insulate them to begin with.

Any help or direction would be awesome!

inspectorD 03-05-2009 08:37 PM

My advice, it was just done wrong. Remove any vents in the floor or underneath at the soffit area., they should not be there. This is not a roof assembly and should not be treated like one.
You need to seal off the underside with plywood and a weather barrier like tyvek or tar paper to help keep the air out, or at least slow it down.
Then you can install fiberglass insulation with a paper faced vapor barrier toward the heated space. If you are looking down at the floor joists you should see the paper on top.
Good luck, and ask if you have more questions.:)

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