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patterrw 02-13-2008 10:48 AM

Our 'Green' Renovation Goals
Objective: To make a cost-conscious, environmentally-friendly update to this 1964 Three (3) bedroom, 1 ˝ bath brick veneer home that will maintain its original character, modernize the look and feel, and reduce the operating
cost of the home while maintaining a healthy living environment.
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1) Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
  a. Reuse as much of the materials found on-site as possible during
the renovation
  b. Locate affordable options for incorporating reusable (and recyclable)
materials into home renovation
    i. Reclaimed wood
    ii. Recycled Glass countertops
  c. Reduce the amount of trash created during and after the renovation
    i. Less than One 40 gal garbage bag of trash per week
    ii. Enact behaviors such as reusable rags vs. paper towels
    iii. Switch to more environmentally sensitive chemicals for cleaning
and household use
  d. Recycle as much discarded material as possible
    i. Carpet
    ii. Metal
    iii. Glass
    iv. Smoke Detectors
2) Energy Conservation
  a. Improve and Maintain HVAC system to run more efficiently
    i. 68 degrees in winter, 78 degrees in summer
    ii. Buy a programmable thermostat
    iii. Insulate attic better (Icynene)
  b. Buy Energy Star approved appliances whenever feasible
    i. Refrigerator
    ii. Washer
    iii. Dishwasher
    iv. Ceiling Fans
    v. Ventilating Fans
    vi. Battery Charging System
    vii. Corded Phone
    viii. DVD Player
    ix. Home Audio
    x. Television (When replacing)
  c. Switch to CFL Light bulbs and fixtures
  d. Manager Computers and computer components to minimize
power consumption
  e. Transition to Gas Stove/Oven?
  f. Energy Consumption Target 350 KWH per month by OCT 08
    i. Oct 07 was at 1018 kwh’s (YIKES!)
3) Building Envelope
  a. Seal around doors, windows, baseboards, exterior walls,
attic, etc. to minimize conditioned air loss and reduce moisture
4) Go Green
  a. Eliminate VOC’s and other dangerous compounds from building
and remodeling materials
  b. Eliminate VOC’s and other dangerious compounds from household
goods and products
5) Water Water Everywhere
  a. Switch to Low Flow Toilets, Showerheads, Faucets, etc
    i. Toto Aquia (Dual Flush)?
  b. Collect Rainwater from Roof Drainage
  c. Install Gutters on front of house and garage to move water
away from structure
  d. Mitigate any water issues that arise
6) A Smart, Sensible Home
  a. Structured Wiring?
  b. X10
  c. Upgrade electrical lines to wires with ground
  d. Replace smoke detectors
    i. Should be replaced every 10 years

glennjanie 02-13-2008 01:53 PM

Welcome Patterrw:
It sounds like a nobel task you are embarking on there. The bonus is; every time you save some material you also save money. Its a win win situation.

inspectorD 02-13-2008 05:20 PM

It's a start...
We posted some interesting info links on greening yourself up in the website posts. Check them out.:)

Rustedbird 04-16-2008 07:39 AM

I actually worked for a green builder. A "green" house is better built, tighter, and healthier. Some thoughts.

Reuse.... keep an organized scrap pile, especially wood. Recycling goes without saying. Some localities, if you separate it, will recycle clean (no paint, treated, or finishes) wood which gets turned into OSB. Metals, yes, plaster and drywall, iffy, and concrete, not sure on that. If the old fixtures aren't too bad, sometimes local places like the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) will take em. The Restore here is pretty neat, sometimes treasures can be lurking in odd corners.

Be prepared to buy lotsa caulk. Lots. Also if you do get it tight, start thinking about a fresh air exchange system. We do need some fresh air now and again. Insulation, blown in cellulose might be better then a foamed in plastic. It's made of recycled newsprint treated with fire retardant. My old boss starts ranting about the plastic foam stuff as he sez it prevents future recycling of the house down the road. He builds for fifty years minimum.

Gas stove, dunno, price of the stuff keeps going up. Also it will need a range hood that actually vents outside. Believe or not, Ripley not withstanding, some old places just have hoods that filter the grease out (yeah right) and blow the air back into the kitchen.

Painting, lead can be an issue on old paint. Also some places are starting to get picky about oil based paint....VOCs. I prefer water based, clean up is easier and I don't like having thinner or anything flammable lying around. We painted exposed plywood and chipboard to control the formaldehyde out-gassing.

Plumbing, found that the one new 1.6 American Standard (plebe or whatever) toilet works even better then my old flushers. No dual flush, nothing fancy, it just works.

I like CFLs and they did pay for themselves but now I have to take the burned out ones to a toxic waste place. Not too bad, no fee here but we do pay our taxes to support the place. Mebbe LEDs will come down in price in a few years.

Just google green building and amid the dross will be something useful. Local library is useful too. Study, study, and research, research goes without saying.

Best of wishes for your house.

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