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cibula11 02-12-2007 10:08 AM

carsiding woes
I am installing carsiding in my attic on the ceiling. I am having difficulty attaching them together. I have a rubber mallet that I use to tap one piece into another. The problem is that when I pound on the tongue it flattens out and makes it very difficult to attach the next piece. Any ideas to make it easier?

glennjanie 02-12-2007 10:47 AM

Hello Cibula:
You can use a short piece of the siding to put on the tounge and hammer against. The groove will protect the next tounge.
Another thing I use is to nail a 2' piece to the framing member and pry with it; again using a block to protect the tounge. Then, light tapping (with your rubber mallet) along the surface of a joint will help it to settle in place.

cibula11 02-12-2007 11:40 AM

genious....thanks. I will give it a whirl.

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