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willet123 03-08-2012 01:07 PM

Concern about wood used and work
I needed some minor repairs done to the exterior of my house - basically squirrels had chewed their way through some wood and liked living in my gutters.

A friend recommended someone to do the work of replacing the wood, and we gave this person some cash to go buy the needed materials. Our friend (who does this type of work as well) told him that buying Southern Pine and priming it would be a good choice for this job.

We assumed that's what was purchased, but after the first day of work was done on the house, we noticed from the reciept that the wood purchased was Kiln-Dried Radiata Pine Softwood Board.

The other wood purchased for the exterior was interior base moulding. Based on a little research, I'm finding that neither of these woods are treated or seem to be adequete for exterior use.

Digging a little further, we discovered from the reciept that the paint purchased was actually interior paint. Apparantly, he didn't use primer at all and only paint (and interior paint!)

I'm assuming I need the work redone, but was wondering exactly how bad is having this particular wood, not treated, not primed, and only painted with interior paint, exposed to the elements for a while. Do I need to get on this right away and have the wood replaced? It;s hard, but I'm trying to give some benefit of the doubt here, since the person who did the work insists that this type of wood is used all the time for exteriors.

nealtw 03-08-2012 09:57 PM

Radiata Pine has been used for siding for years. I would just talk to the local paint store for suggestions.

joecaption 03-11-2012 09:11 AM

Treated wood is almost never used for trim.
But it did need to be primed and painted with paint made for exterier use.
If you never want to have to go throught this agin look into have having the fashias and soffets wrapped in aluminum coil stock and vinyl soffits.

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