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Quattro 03-02-2009 12:22 PM

Convert hall closet bi-folds to french doors
I have a 5-foot wide closet (door opening) in the front hall that has really cheap hollow bi-fold doors that drive us crazy. I'd really like to replace those with french-style (open from the center) solid doors.

What hardware and planning will I need to do? There is enough room to swing the doors open, so that's not a concern. How about the latching mechanism? Is that built into the header or at the floor, or both?


Quattro 03-02-2009 12:23 PM

Oh, I hope to just use two 30" door slabs, so all the hardware would have to be purchased separately.


inspectorD 03-02-2009 06:34 PM

You can change the doors and use what is called , ball catch hardware. It is inset into the top of the door and the ball is on a spring so it will catch a stop at the top of the "header" area.
Ball Catch Door Hardware
You will also need the dummy handles as suggested.:)

Quattro 03-03-2009 09:19 AM

Ah ha! That's what I'm looking for! Thanks very much big D!

Quattro 03-03-2009 09:22 AM

Oh, I suspect some interior stops on the header are in order as well. I wonder how I can hide the hinges...any ideas?

inspectorD 03-03-2009 03:18 PM

It's tough to hide hinges. But you can just use a bullet hinge. Basically just a post in the floor and a post into the header. Then add the stops on the inside of the door jamb.

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