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TxHomeowner 05-07-2014 03:53 PM

Fill irregular shaped deep hole in wood.
I need to fill an irregular shaped hole in a very thick wooden plank. The dimensions are 2.5" long x 2.25" wide x 2" deep.

What compound should I use to totally fill this void?

oldognewtrick 05-07-2014 04:13 PM

Why not take and make a wooden plug to fill the void?

bud16415 05-07-2014 05:00 PM

Is it to be painted or do you want something like a furniture quality. I have fixed holes in window sills with bondo type automotive filler when I knew it was to be painted. I have even used drywall screws and put them in at angle below flush kind of like rebar and then filled with auto filler.

Wood fillers won't work on a huge hole as well.

The idea of a wood inset is also good if you have the skills.

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nealtw 05-07-2014 06:12 PM

Some what depends on what the wood is being used for. How bad can it be, just tell us the story.;)

kok328 05-07-2014 06:43 PM

I like the wood plug idea but, be sure to cut the hole to the size of the plug instead of the other way around, especially with an irregular shaped hole.

inspectorD 05-08-2014 05:21 AM

I would do a wooden Duchman. Kind of like this or a butterfly.. works the best and fills the void.

TxHomeowner 05-08-2014 09:39 AM

After filling the wood will be sanded, primed and painted with oil based exterior paint. I am repurposing an old short wooden yard light post with wooded base. The hole is in the square plank base. Thanks for your help.

bud16415 05-08-2014 11:42 AM

The polyester resin (bondo) would be the way to go IMO given that repair.

bud16415 05-08-2014 12:05 PM

I posted a tip the other day if you use the bondo product. get a couple of the throwaway cards from the gas station and use them for mixing it on a board and also applying it to the wood. best tool around and throw away when done.

jmc0319 05-10-2014 12:11 PM

Not sure about anyone else but I have used a product named Famowood. It comes in many colors but that doesn't matter in this case. There is zero shrinkage once dried. Sanding & painting or staining is fine.

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