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drewdin 02-15-2014 09:59 AM

Garage roof question
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My Garage is pretty old and I wanted to put in a bigger garage door, there is a ceiling frame about 8' high. If i put in a bigger door, when it retracts it hits the ceiling.

I wanted to just remove it but a carpenter told me to make sure that the ceiling isn't supporting the roof, he said he didn't look at it closely but from the way it sits it looks like something.

The joists run across the garage for about a ~20ft span, in the center there is one cross brace being suspended from the ceiling joists.

When i looked at where its connected to the walls, its barely connected. I have a few pics below.

How can i verify if the ceiling is supporting the roof or not? Thanks

Wuzzat? 02-15-2014 03:09 PM

Match a truss design h&imgil=D9mMlyfitx4SsM%253A%253Bhttp%253A%252F%252 cQy1a3l9ArsIPymSNVGGqxZj4xBlyiWQn40CrPpMzrcrRtIRAT-NA%253B700%253B699%253BpAIqw46tDX8MEM%253Bhttp%252 russ_facts.asp&source=iu&usg=__uCvzynqy4a1zK5KWTRD hPlqdr_0%3D&sa=X&ei=TuX_Uu_uB4KU0QGb34HQBQ&ved=0CF QQ9QEwAg#facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=D9mMlyfitx4SsM%253 A%3BpAIqw46tDX8MEM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.classi oof_truss_facts.asp%3B700%3B699
to your roof.
We'll go from there.

nealtw 02-15-2014 04:51 PM

If anything it lools like the roof is supporting the ceiling. What the cieling might be doing is holding the walls from pushing out ward and that could be done with coller or rafter ties from rafter to rafter. If the ceiling was a later addition you may find evedence of collar or rafter ties that have been removed.

MarkWood 02-15-2014 06:09 PM

Cant make the call based on pictures but looks like the roof supports itself.

boltonben 02-19-2014 08:39 PM

Looks like the "ceiling" your referring to is more of a mezzanine. The roof is a standard hip roof.
I doubt if the ceiling is holding up the roof. The carpenter should have spotted that right away, unless the photos are not showing the full picture.
Take shot from above and post.

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drewdin 02-20-2014 07:00 PM

ill try to get a shot during the day, its too dark at night. thanks guys

nealtw 02-20-2014 08:27 PM

In picture three, there seems to be a steel rod running upo to the rafter.
In picture four, just behind the light fixture, there seems to be an attachment for that rod on the beam.
I think it is safe to say, they were not worried about the roof just lifting off.

drewdin 03-01-2014 12:46 PM

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Not sure if these are any better

nealtw 03-01-2014 01:34 PM

Just above the outside wall about a foot above the walls run two 2x6 from side to side nailed to the rafters and then just below that run 2 more front to back. That will insure the walls don't lean out under snow load and then remove the floor. I am sure this was added later for storage.

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